Q: Do I need to be on a team?

A: Nope! You’re free to go solo, be a floater, or be on a team. Floaters are those who offer their services to other participants, be it art assets, sound/music, or even code!

Q: What technology can I use?

A: Anything you want! Be it Unity, Flash, Gamemaker, C++, etc.

Q: Do you provide computers?

A: Unfortunately we do not.

Q: Who owns the completed game?

A: Simply put, the games you make are yours! After OJam is complete you can submit your game and we’ll put it on the OJam Arcade!

Q: Can I make any kind of game? (i.e. Clone, Multiplayer, etc)

A: You can make whatever you want!

Q: Do I have to make a game based on the OJam theme?

A: Nope! You should though, part of the challenge is making a game based on a theme. However if you just want to take the weekend to focus on gamedev, feel free to do so!

Q: Can I make my game for any platform?

A: You can make games for whatever platform you want. Even if you wanted to make a board game that’s perfectly acceptable. The limitations are your imagination!

Q: Can I sleep at OJam?

A: Sure! This always depends on the location, but if you can find a couch to lay on or a table to sleep under, you’re free to do so! However, be respectful, remember this isn’t Mike Desjardins moms basement.

Q: Will I have to leave in order to get something to eat or drink?

A: Not at all! We will provide food and beverages. However, there are nearby restaurants.

Q: Can I attend the event just to hang out?

A: Unfortunately not, this event capped at 100 attendees so we don’t have the space to let everyone in to just hang out.